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Radiant Insulated Swimming Pools




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radiant-install-options radiant-round-banner Radiant Insulated Semi-Inground Pool Radiant Insulated Inground Pool
Radiant Insulated Round Pool   RADIANT ROUND


18′, 21′, 24′, 27′, 30′, 33′

Radiant Insulated Oval Pool   RADIANT OVAL


12’X16′, 12’X20′,14’X28′,

16’X24′, 16’X32′

Radiant Insulated Freeform Pool   RADIANT FREE FORM


14’X22′, 16’X28′, 18’X32′



Radiant Insulated Swimming Pools






Incredible Features & Benefits

The Radiant Pool offers homeowners the most incredible features and benefits that you won’t find in any other pool. Unique manufacturing technology, limitless installation options, incredible warranty protection and energy savings that, over time, allow this pool to pay for itself. No other pool on the market today can offer this complete value-added pool package. It is truly the smart backyard investment.


It is simply brilliant.

Features Radiant Pools Others
2″ Structurally Insulated Walls Yes No
R-10 Insulation Value Yes No
Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly Yes No
Every Installation Option Available Yes No
Non-Prorated Lifetime Warranty Yes No
Unlimited Transferable Option Yes No
Warranty Against Winter Damage Yes No
True Resale Value Yes No
Still in use after 50 years Yes No
100% Made in the USA Yes No








Radiant Pools offers a hassle-free, non-prorated lifetime warranty on the entire pool against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your pool.


Only Radiant Pools has you covered all year round:

Radiant Pools is so confident in the structural strength of their product that they even warranty against winter damage from snow and ice build-up on their Metric Pools! No other aboveground pool manufacturer offers this!


And every Radiant Pools warranty is also 100% transferable.

If the original purchaser sells their home, the new purchaser receives a new warranty certificate and the pool is warranted to them for as long as they own their home. A lifetime of swimming fun for every smart Radiant Pool Owner!



radiant-grand-tile-liner   radiant-albion-tile-liner

Grand Tile
w/ Reflections Floor


Albion Tile
w/ Cobblestone Floor



Radiant Insulated Swimming Pool Innovation






Taking from the same technology used to build airplanes and spacecraft, Radiant Pools are the only swimming pools manufactured using an R-10 structural insulated panel. These 2” thick wall panels are constructed of an EPS foam insulation core bonded between sheets of durable acrylic coated aluminum.

The patented bonding process that joins the three layers creates a rigid wall that is far stronger than its component parts, and is made of materials that will last forever.

The Radiant Pool wall is stronger than steel, polymer, even 12” of concrete and will never rust, warp or crack. The acrylic-coated aluminum walls resist oxidation and corrosion as well as provide extra liner protection. All aluminum components make this pool completely rust free.

The Radiant insulated wall panels help keep the water warmer longer, maintaining water temperatures 5 to 10 degrees warmer than traditional pools. This also can extend the swimming season by up to 2 months.

This aerospace engineered wall panel is also incredibly lightweight and easy to handle for quick installation.

It’s combination of strength, lightness and resistance to stress, corrosion and heat loss makes the Radiant Pool the smart backyard investment.

As always, Radiant Pools are 100% American made and shipped all over the world!











radiant-r-value-tableRadiant Pools insulated walls resist heat loss more efficiently than any other type of pool wall. Heat gained from the sun is retained, maintaining water temperature even overnight, when other types of pools lose up to 10 degrees F.

The Radiant insulated wall panels help the water heat up faster and keep the water warmer longer, extending the swimming season by up to 2 months.

With the superior heat retention properties of a Radiant Pool, you can swim during the entire swimming season without the need of a heater. Save $1000’s on heating costs!

The water temperature you desire for your swimming pool directly affects your energy cost if you use a gas or heat pump pool heater. Pool water temps typically range from 78°F to 82°F. The American Red Cross recommends a temperature of 78°F for competitive swimming. However, most people prefer water temperature of 80°F or higher.

With an insulated Radiant Pool, the average pool owner can save up to 25% on their annual swimming pool heating cost. A Radiant pool owner in Boston, MA, using a gas heater, will save approximately $655 per year which adds up to $13,100 over 20 years.








It’s time to think smart. It’s time to invest green.

It is important now, more than ever, to consider how your individual consumer choices affect climate change. Radiant Pools’ R-10 insulated wall panels make it the only pool on the market that is truly energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

It’s how you want to buy, smart and responsibly. You can add value to your property and your life without adding to your footprint. Radiant Pools are constructed using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and aluminum. EPS foam contains no ozone damaging CFC’s or HCFC’s and is 100% recyclable.

Aluminum is the most commonly recycled post-consumer metal in the world. The history, and success, of the aluminum industry is based on its ability to promote energy conservation and waste reduction within the industry itself and among American consumers.