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Hot Tub FAQ

Q: How much will I use a hot tub?

A:  Adding a hot tub to your backyard is a great investment in your home, family, and health for years to come. Most customers use their spas daily whether as a gathering place to share quality time with loved ones, relieve stress, or ease aches and pains.  Hot tubs help you sleep better, assist in controlling diabetes and weight loss, and improve heart health.  The biggest regret our customers share with us, is that they waited too long.

Q: Isn’t a spa with lots of jets better then a spa with less jets?

A:  Some people think that more is better.  True, you don’t want a spa with too few jets, but it’s not the quantity of the jets, it’s the quality. Some manufacturers put in a lot Of very small holed jets to build the number of jets count up.  What most people who have never owned a spa don’t realize is they can cause a “stinging” or “burning” sensation to your back.  Some customers have told us it’s like digging into your skin and this is extremely uncomfortable. Actually, three larger jets positioned at the trigger points on your back will give you true hydrotheraphy that you can enjoy and not feel as if you were beaten up.

Q: How do I fill my spa?

A:  Many people think that you need to have a hard plumbed line to fill a spa.  Actually all that you need is a garden hose to fill your spa.

Q: How often do you need to change your spa water?

A:  Depending on your usage, usually every 3 to 4 months. If your using the ACE Salt water system, you will probably drain only once a year!

Q: Can I place my spa directly on the ground?

A:  It is not advisable to place a spa directly on the ground.  Spas require a flat, level and stable foundation.  Constant damp soil can cause damage to the spa.

Q: What is the best foundation for a spa?

A:  The best foundation is a cement pad that is flat and level with a minimum of 4” of concrete.  If this is not possible, you can use either a synthetic spa pad which we have available or a an area with gravel which will allow water to dissipate.

Q: Can I place my spa on a wooden deck?

A:  Yes, provided that the deck is made to support the weight of a spa.  While most decks seem strong enough, you really need to have extra support under the spa to prevent the spa from damaging your deck.

Q: What Is Required For Maintenance?

A:  Hot tub maintenance is easy with the right system.  We have the latest technology in salt systems like Hot Springs ACE to provide a virtually maintenance free program.  We also have a unique chemical system called Simple Blue that requires adding chemicals only once a week!

Q: Can I go chemical free?

A:  The Hot Springs ACE salt water sanitization system is virtually chemical free with only the use of salt needed. It doesn’t get any easier or more environmentally friendly!