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Hot Spring Vanguard

Hot Spring Vanguard
Hot Spring Spas & Hot tubs Review | 6 Person

The Vanguard spa is extremely energy efficient for six adults. This hot tub features a single Moto-Massage® jet and a Moto-Massage® DX jet, each complemented by a Quartet® jet system, to soothe your neck, shoulders and back. Its comfortable seating, styled armrests, and SoothingStream® water feature provide maximum relaxation.


Product Specs

Seating Capacity 6 Adults
Dimensions 7’3″ x 7’3″ x 36″H
Water Capacity 400 Gallons
Jets 38
Water Feature Bellafontana
Control System IQ 2020; 230v/50amp, 60 Hz
Weight 789 lbs. dry; 5175 lbs. filled
Heater No Fault, 4000w, 230v
Jet Pump Wavemaster 8000, Wavemaster 8200
Circulation Pump SilentFlo 5000
Filtration 325 sq. ft. top loading, 100% no-bypass
Water Care Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System
Cover Lift Options Cover Cradle II


Tuscan Shell Desert Shell Alpine White Shell Ice Gray Shell Creme Shell
Tuscan Desert Alpine White Ice Gray Creme


Mocha Cabinet Monterey Gray Cabinet Teak Cabinet
Mocha Monterey Gray Teak Gray Spa Stone Earth Spa Stone


Mocha Cover Slate Cover Caramel Cover
Mocha Slate Caramel



Beneath the spa cabinet are multiple layers of high-density foam that minimize heat loss. Low-amp SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump provides 24 hour filtration while using less energy to operate than a 75-watt light bulb. Equipment compartment is designed to direct warm air generated from the pumps and heater back towards the spa water to minimize heat loss and limit the energy required by the heater. All Hot Spring spas include a custom-fit cover with a high R-value, dense foam core that forms a tight seal with the spa shell to maximize heat retention. The water temperature is maintained at a constant temperature, eliminating expensive heating and cooling cycles.


Hot Spring spas filter 100% of the water 10-15 times a day. The dedicated SilentFlo 5000® pump constantly draws water from the hot tub, runs it through the hot tub filter and the heater (heating only when necessary), then back to the hot tub. It is so energy efficient, it costs less to operate than a 75 watt light bulb. Because the SilentFlo 5000® pump is totally automatic, there’s no need to program long cleaning and heating cycles like you do with other hot tubs. Nor do you have the wear and tear, energy drain or noise of a large jet pump running during those cycles. Quietly, your Hot Spring spa is always hot, clean and ready to enjoy.


A Hot Spring spa is the only spa with 100% No By-Pass Filtration. This means all the water passes through the filter before it re-enters the spa, even when the jets are on-the very time when you’re in the spa and need clean water the most! Bypassing occurs when there’s too much pump and not enough filter—forcing unfiltered water, complete with body oils and debris directly back into the spa.


To ensure our filter cartridges are not overburdened and there’s no need to bypass them, their square footage is carefully matched with the gallon-per-minute flow of our pumps. The patented Tri-X® three-dimensional filter delivers a more effective filtration area and longer time between cleaning cycles. Dishwasher-safe, they’re even easier to maintain! Completing the system, a skimmer directs surface debris into the filter compartment and prevents it from floating back into the spa. The filters are top loading for easy access; simply lift the filter lid to remove the cartridges for cleaning or replacement.

Hot Spring Controller


Completely automatic systems eliminate programming complicated heating and cleaning cycles. Set desired water temperature and your spa will always be ready when you are. Should a power outage occur, the spa resumes its’ continuous heating and cleaning at the temperature you selected once power is restored. There are no cycles to program or reprogram. The unique shape and features of the control panel have been ergonomically designed for ease of use, directing the IQ 2020® spa control system’s integrated circuitry with simple push button controls. The control panel also includes premium features such as a special lock-out function which, when activated, ensures no one else can turn on the jet pump or change the temperature control.


A Power-On indicator light is visible even with the spa cover is in place, a real advantage—especially during the winter. And, a 10-minute clean-up cycle is a great convenience each time you exit the spa.


Long the most energy efficient spas on the market, Hot Springs is striving to reduce the impact of their products on the environment, both in how they are made and the materials that go into making them. Hot Springs understands your desire to select products that give back more than they take, made by companies that are conscious about the impact they have on the environment. No Bypass Filtration, Tri X Filter technology, natural water care alternatives, energy efficient pumps, and fully foamed totally insulated cabinets make a Hot Spring Spa the best choice for an earth smart hot tub!



The sight and sound of running water can be exceptionally calming, which is why innovative water features are included on most models. They can be enjoyed in “tranquility mode” or with the spa jets activated. The elegant BellaFontana® water feature, enhanced by the rich colors of our Luminescence® Lighting system, adds to the ultimate enjoyment of your Hot Spring spa experience.


Individually control each zone – underwater, bartop, pillows and water feature – to enjoy your favorite mix of colors. Or if you prefer, simply illuminate just one zone. The system also includes a color wheel sequencer that rotates through all six colors, and a dimmer setting for underwater lighting



Enjoy peace of mind knowing the ACE Salt Water System is creating the sanitizers you need to keep spa water sparking — even if you haven’t given water care a thought. Only Hot Spring offers this automated, low-maintenance saltwater system that enhances the quality of your spa water.

The ACE system uses a patented diamond electrode that creates active oxygen. Because cleaners are automatically generated from salt and water, spas with the ACE system lack the odor of chlorine and require fewer harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and eyes.


The EverFresh system combines the cleaning power of our FreshWater® III ozone system with the FreshWaterAg+continuous silver ion purifier to keep your water clean and crystal clear while reducing the need for chlorine or bromine. The FreshWater® III high-output ozone system works 24/7, continuously injecting millions of tiny, highly concentrated ozone bubbles into the water-neutralizing contaminants on contact. The system uses a corona discharge cell, requiring virtually no maintenance. The FreshWaterAg+continuous silver ion cartridge further reduces the need for chlorine by introducing silver ions into the spa water that inhibit bacterial growth. Insert the cartridge into the filter of your Hot Spring® spa, and the silver ions are released automatically – there’s no chance of under or over dosing. Simply replace the cartridge every three months.


Bluetooth Sound


Enjoy entertainment wirelessly as you wind down in your spa, by streaming music live or listening to your own music library from your Bluetooth® enabled device.

Wireless in Home Sound


Leave your music source inside, while listening to it outside in your Hot Spring spa. With our In-Home Wireless Dock, you can connect with virtually any audio source you choose: iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 player, satellite/AM/FM radio, CD/DVD player to instantly transmit to your spa. Change tracks, adjust volume and play or pause through the spa’s main control panel using your Apple® device.

Wireless TV


With a wireless TV and sound system, you can wirelessly transmit your favorite TV shows or movies directly to your spa. With the rotatable 17” waterproof and temperature resistant widescreen LCD TV, you can watch television from any angle.



Hot Spring’s exclusive Cover Cradle Lift System uses a pneumatic gas spring in the arms of this lifter make cover removal a breeze. The top-of-the-line CoverCradle system features a low-profile design and ultra-smooth gliding mechanism. Requires 24″ clearance.


Hot Spring’s Exclusive UpRite Hot Tub Cover Lift System lifts the cover up over the spa bar top–ideal for limited clearance applications, such as decks and gazebos. Requires only 7″ clearance.



Hot Spring polymer step is durable and lightweight, and 100% recyclable! Available in Coastal Gray, Espresso, and Redwood to match your Hot Spring Spa.


Hot Spring everwood step is made from rigid polymers. The embossed wood grain and rich color combine to give this step a natural wood appearance and is specifically designed to match the Hot Spring spa Everwood cabinets with virtually no maintenance. Available in Coastal Gray, Espresso, and Redwood.


Designed to match your Hot Spring Spa stone siding, the Hot Spring Spa Stone Steps are a naturally appealing and stylish safe entry system. Available in Earth Stone or Gray Stone.