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Furniture Care


Cleaning Furniture

To clean outdoor aluminum, resin, glass, and mesh furniture we recommend FeronClean furniture cleaner.  FeronClean is the most effective cleaner while also being biodegradable!  Simply rinse furniture, spray cleaner, lightly scrub with soft brush, and rinse off.  Removes most stubborn dirt and grime making your furniture look like new again.

Umbrella Care

Always close umbrellas in their stands when not in use.  Remove from service in windy conditions to protect against damage from inclement weather, and to protect persons from potential injury due to umbrellas toppling or moving in such conditions.  Strong winds can cause umbrellas to lift off ground with base if left open!

Wet Cushions

When cushions get wet, tip them on their sides to drain.  This will result in quicker dry times.