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Pool Heaters


Solar Heaters  

Solar Panels

A SunHeater solar pool heating system will raise the temperature of your pool water by up to 10 F or more. It is lightweight, durable and easy to install. Water simply flows through the SunHeater’s many tubes via your existing pool pump where it is heated by the sun and returned to your pool. The system can be installed on the roof of your house, shed, or simply on the ground. Comes with roof mounting kit and bypass kit. Heat your pool for FREE!


Heat Pumps  
Pentair Ultra Temp Heat Pump

Pentair Ultra Temp Heat Pumps

A heat pump uses nature’s ‘free heat’ from the air to heat your pool water. It applies the same principle used in refrigerators and air conditioners with technology adapted to pools and spas. A heat pump can even pull residual heat from cool air. Electricity is only needed to transfer the heat, not to create it! It is 75% less expensive than natural gas to run! This makes a heat pump the most economical, safe and trouble-free way to heat your pool.

  • Copeland Scroll compressors
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Highest efficiency available
  • Auto defrost feature
  • TXV valve for lower temperature operation


Gas Heaters  
Pentair Mastertemp 125 Heater

Pentair Mastertemp 125 Heater

The Mastertemp 125 is a compact, lightweight and efficient (82%) gas fired high performance heater for aboveground pools, spas, or small inground pools. It can be connected to schedule 40 CPVC or ABS pipe and has a built-in top. Reliable direct-spark ignition (DSI) system is available in propane or natural gas versions.

  • Digital controls for precise temperature
  • Quiet and dependable operation
  • Pre-mixed gas combustion technology
  • Corrosion resistant resin headers
  • Corrosion and UV resistant enclosure
  • Low profile and lightweight.

Pentair MasterTemp Heaters

The MasterTemp offers all the efficiency, convenience and reliability features you want in a pool heater, plus a lot more. As easy to use as your home heating system, plus, user-friendly indicator lights make system operation and monitoring a snap. The compact design and super quiet operation won’t intrude on your poolside leisure time.

  • Heats up fast so no long waits before enjoying your pool
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency* (84%)
  • Manual gas shut-off when service is required
  • Eco-friendly MasterTemp® is certified for low NOx emission and outperforms industry standards
  • Rotating digital display allows for easy viewing
  • Tough, rustproof exterior handles the heat and weathers the elements