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Solar Covers


Solar Covers

Solar covers heat your pool during the day magnifying the suns rays and radiating heat into the water.  At night, the cover will retain heat and reduce evaporation by up to 90% which is the main cause of heat loss.  Plus, solar covers help prevent your pool chemicals from evaporating.  Raises your pool’s temperature by up to 15 degrees!


8 mil Standard Blue Solar Cover

The dark blue color of this color helps intensify the suns rays making your pool even warmer!  Available in most pool sizes.

Clear Solar Cover 12 mil Clear Solar Cover

This unique clear cover magnifies and intensifies the sun’s rays.  It is also a thicker 12 mil material that is more resistant to punctures and chemical damage.  Available in most pool sizes.



Liquid Solar Blankets

Liquid solar blankets release a totally safe liquid that forms an invisible layer on your pool water’s surface that is one molecule thick. They reduce water evaporation by up to 50%, reducing heat and chemical loss from the pool.  It will not affect the plumbing or filtration of your pool, and will not cause damage to vinyl liners or any other pool surfaces in any way.  Liquid Solar Blankets are a great eco-friendly option for heat retention in pools.  It’s biodegradable, environmentally safe, non-toxic and totally harmless to all swimmers. It is even safe for pets to drink from the pool surface!


Solar Pill Solar Blanket

The Solar Pill slowly releases the the liquid solar blanket into your pool and lasts up to 30 days.



Solar Reels

Take the hassle out of removing and installing your solar cover by using a solar reel.  All reels come complete with tubes and a strap kit to attach the cover to the reel.


Aboveground Solar Reel

Available in two sizes:  Up to 21′ and up to 28′.  This reel can be either attached to the top rails of your pool with special quick release clips or to posts mounted in the ground.  You can also lift one and and swivel it away to put on another post out of swimmers’ way.  Easy to install and takes the hassle out of removing and installing your solar cover.

Apollo Inground Solar Reel

The Apollo Reel is made of high strength durable resin.  This reel is suitable for most shaped pools and makes storing your solar cover neat and easy.  Quick to assemble, the Apollo Reel features aluminum tubes and castor wheels. This reel also features wide track bearings for easy turning handles on both ends.  Works on pools up to 20′ wide.

Stainless Inground Solar Reel

This stainless steel reel is a premium reel made for those who want a top quality product the will last for years.  Virtually indestructible, this unit is easy to reel and also sports large wheels on one end allowing the user to maneuver it across lawns or any other surface unlike other reels.   Make this the last solar reel you ever purchase!  Works on pools up to 20′ wide.